Privacy & Data Protection


Long Law Firm can help industry/companies create or revise security and privacy policies to comply with new laws based upon new technologies or changes in business operations. We can advise companies across several industries on data protection and privacy laws, including Federal and state laws.

Adequate security measures are necessary to protect the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of information. Measures designed to provide data security are generally grouped in three categories: physical security measures, administrative security measures, and technical security measures. Foreign countries have also adopted security breach disclosure laws that require entities to notify government agencies and the affected individuals, when a breach of security has caused the theft or unauthorized disclosure of personal data. We can also advise companies on complying with applicable foreign laws, including on data protection, privacy, and data retention.

Data Protection

Long Law Firm can assist companies with cybersecurity incidents such as Denial of Service incidents (DOS/DDOS), malware vulnerabilities or breaches, including counseling clients through the steps to report incidents or navigate the federal and state government investigations that may result due to the cybersecurity incident.